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Mother Nature Knows Best 

The Cannabis plant has been classified as an 🌿Adaptogen🌿 herb because it cushions how our bodies respond and adapt to stressors on a metabolic level, essentially helping us achieve and maintain our balance of mind, body, and spirit naturally. 


Here at HEAL Well at Home, we make feeling good simple, discreetly delivering the latest healing cannabis and hemp extract products directly to your front door. We specialize in canna-gummies, but offer everything from vapes, infused syrups, hard candies, tinctures, topicals, even advocacy wear. Our goal is to keep you feeling your best with only the very best that science and Mother Nature have to offer. 


Get your daily 🌿D.O.S.E.🌿 with HEAL Well at Home

D.OPAMINE - Known as the “feel-good” chemical, it’s responsible for pleasure, motivation, and reward.

O.XYTOCIN - Known as the “love hormone,” increases during hugging and orgasm. Associated with empathy, trust, sexual activity, relationship-building, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

S.EROTONIN - Plays a key role in mood, sleep, digestion, and sexual desire.

E.NDORPHINS - Known as our “natural pain killer.”




Christina Haas BSN, RN

Clinical Research Nurse

University of Pennsylvania

Founder of HEAL Integrative Wellness

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