HEAL Integrative Wellness passionately believes that whole health does not have to be complicated. With our specially sourced multi-modal cannabis and hemp products, our goal is to simply keep you feeling your best with only the very best that science and Mother Nature have to offer. 

Here at HEAL Well at Home, we make feeling good simple, discreetly bringing the latest medicinal cannabis healing products directly to your front door. You have to feel to HEAL!

Be Well. 

HEAL Well.

Christina Haas BSN, RN, CMSRN 

Cannabinoid Therapeutics Nurse

Psychoactivity Level

THCP - most intense THC with mild psychedelic properties

THCO - intense THC with mild psychedelic properties

Delta 9 THC - THC most widely known

Delta 8 THC - moderate to intense effects 

HHC - moderate effects 

Delta 10 THC - mild effects 

CBD, CBDV, CBC, CBG - nonintoxicating 

THCV - stimulant, appetite suppressant

(dose & client specific variations)


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